A Brief Discussion on Public Liability Insurance

Although some people may regret that it is the case, the reality of modern life is that we live in an ever more litigious society.

Things in the past that may have been dismissed as sheer misfortune might now be seen by the affected parties as a possible cause for legal action.

That is why it might be worth understanding a little about public liability insurance:

  • theoretically, anyone may have the right to sue you for financial damages in a situation where they believe that you were responsible for damage to their property or for personal injuries they have sustained;
  • that might apply in circumstances where such problems have arisen as a direct result of an action you have taken or one that you have failed to take;
  • it might apply in circumstances where the problem is attributable to a property you own;
  • note that being sued for damages does not only apply in circumstances where you were conscious of the incident involved.  It might happen equally in situations  which you knew nothing about or where you were not even present but where your liabilities are still in place;
  • although the point is occasionally disputed, some might argue that the introduction of no-win no-fee legal services may well have increased the tendency for people to seek legal redress where they believe they have suffered damages;
  • you cannot claim ignorance as a viable defence in circumstances where someone is seeking damages against you.  Whether you knew a situation existed or that the law demanded certain actions to be taken of which you were unaware, may be considered irrelevant by a court;
  • if you are sued successfully, depending upon the background nature of the circumstances, you may find yourself facing very severe court awards for compensation;
  • even in situations where you win, it may not be safe to assume that you will always be able to recover your costs from the plaintiff.  You might still be left with considerable legal fees you incurred in defending yourself;
  • for all these reasons, it might be prudent to ensure that you have appropriate public liability cover in place and offering a level of financial protection commensurate with some of the potential court awards that might be involved in certain situations.

If you have never been on the receiving end of a legal challenge of this nature, it may strike you as being unlikely that you would ever face these types of problem.  However, being sued always seems unlikely – right up until the moment that it happens to you for the first time.

That might not be the moment to start wishing that you had public liability protection cover in place!