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Why Demand for Landscape Gardeners is Growing

Figures show there are around 157,000 landscape gardeners in the UK, and that demand for their services has been growing in the past few months. Clover Insurance, who offer landscape gardeners’ insurance in St Albans, across Hertfordshire and in and around London, look at the reasons behind this and why trade-specific insurance cover is essential. […]

Why Business is Booming for the UK’s Handymen

One of the sectors which has benefited from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic are those connected to home improvements – and handymen, in particular, have been in real demand. Here Clover Insurance, who offer handyman’s liability insurance in North London and Hertfordshire, examine the reasons behind this upsurge – and what anyone considering learning a trade […]

The Commonest Hazards Faced by Tradespeople

A greater emphasis on health and safety means that working in the trades is a much less risky occupation than it was a few years ago. However, there were still more than 700,000 workplace-related injuries in the UK in the 2019-20 reporting year, according to the Health and Safety Executive – and a large proportion […]

Top Safety Tips for Carpet Fitters – and Why You Still Need Insurance

Carpet fitting might not seem one of the most dangerous of trades, but there are still a number of perils that fitters face either on a daily basis or over a period of time. Clover Insurance offer carpet fitters’ insurance for tradespeople in Hertfordshire and across North London. Here we outline some of the major […]

Business Interruption Insurance – The Latest News

The Supreme Court has now ruled on a test case brought by the Financial Conduct Authority on whether or not companies who bought business interruption insurance could claim for losses brought about by the coronavirus. Clover Insurance, who supply business insurance for firms in Harlow, Cheshunt and throughout Hertfordshire and North London, look at the […]

Five Top Tips for Owners of Unoccupied Properties

New Government figures have revealed that more than a quarter of a million homes are currently classified as ‘long-term empty’ which means they have been unoccupied for at least six months. There may be many reasons for this – landlords may be between tenants, or there may be financial or planning issues – and the […]

Why It’s Important to be Properly Insured at Christmas

Insurance may not be the first thing on anyone’s mind at Christmas, but it shouldn’t be forgotten amid all the present-buying and other preparations that are going on. Here Clover Insurance, who provide competitive property insurance quotes for clients in Hertfordshire and North London, look at why the festive season is a good time to […]

The Commonest Business Insurance Claims

The UK’s insurance industry pays out billions of pounds every year – and a large chunk of that relates specifically to the commercial sector. But why is that figure so high? Here Clover Insurance, who are the people to call if you are looking to buy business insurance in Hertfordshire and London, look at the […]

How Brexit Could Affect the Insurance Market

The UK is still in the process of leaving the European Union, with the ‘transition period’ ending on January 1 next year. But what will this mean for the insurance market? Here Clover Insurance, who offer personal insurance quotes to clients in North London and Hertfordshire, look at what customers can expect to happen with […]

Key Differences Between Van and Car Insurance

There has been a huge rise in the numbers of vans on the UK’s roads – so much so that they account for around one-sixth of all traffic. The rise in courier deliveries (particularly for online shopping), changes in the company taxation rules regarding cars and the growing number of people trading in their cars […]