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Top Tips if You’re Considering Becoming a Buy-to-Let Landlord

The world of buy-to-let insurance can be a complex one to enter, but demand for rented homes shows little sign of abating. As recently as February, reports suggested there had been a 25% increase in the number of would-be tenants looking for somewhere to live. If you buy the right property in the right area, […]

The Commonest Causes of Car Breakdowns

In the 12 months up until April last year, there were almost a quarter of a million breakdowns in England according to an investigation by Auto Express. This figure is the highest for five years and only covers recorded breakdowns on main roads and motorways, so it could be much higher. Here Clover Insurance, who […]

What Affects the Price of Office Insurance?

Choosing insurance policies to cover your company for all of the day-to-day risks you are likely to face can be tricky, as no two businesses are the same. Clover Insurance have been providing high-quality business office insurance to companies in St Albans, Hertfordshire and London for many years. Here we outline some of the key […]

Key Factors Affecting the Price of a Van Insurance Policy

Insuring your van is involves some completely different considerations compared to getting cover for your car. It has been estimated that two out of every three vans on Britain’s roads are used for commercial purposes. Factors such as mileage, who is driving the van and what it contains are reflected in the price of a […]

Six Key Elements of Shop Insurance Cover

When it comes to insurance, your home and shop have very different requirements. While they may share some common elements, such as building and contents insurance, retail premises also need to guard against a number of additional risks. At Clover Insurance, we provide high quality and competitive shop insurance quotes across Hertfordshire and North London. […]

I’m Working from Home – Do I Need Extra Insurance?

Last year the Office of National Statistics revealed that more than 1.5 million of us consider ourselves as ‘home workers’. This increase in working from home has been driven by advances in technology, an increased demand for a more flexible work schedule and the rise of freelance services. But will you be covered by your […]

Which Types of Insurance Does My Business Need?

Knowing what insurance to takeout and what to cover can be a difficult task – even with personal insurance. However, for businesses with many more factors and people to consider the task is much more complex. The costs of not taking out insurance or not getting adequate cover could easily soar into the tens to […]

5 Reasons to Take Out a Specialist Landlord Insurance Policy

They say “What can go wrong, will go wrong” and as a private landlord you probably know that feeling all too well. Maybe a tenant decided to leave your property just at the time you were most financially dependent on that income. Perhaps you had difficulty evicting a tenant or obtaining the rent. Or possibly […]

Fleet Insurance Hertfordshire – Four Key Advantages

At Clover Insurance we offer motor vehicle fleet insurance as part of our comprehensive range of policies for commercial customers. Here we look at the key advantages of insuring your vehicles through this type of cover – and not all the benefits are purely financial ones. It Can be Cheaper Insuring vehicles collectively can work […]

Motor Insurance for Modified Vehicles – Make Sure You’re Covered

When we choose our motor insurance, many of us don’t give much thought to how modifying our vehicle could affect our policy. However, some drivers have found out the hard way that when they come to make a claim they aren’t covered just because they have added a roof rack or new tinted windows. In […]