The Commonest Claims on Home Insurance Policies

The UK insurance industry estimates that it pays out more than £7 million every day to homeowners who have made a claim for damages on either their contents or their buildings insurance policies. Despite this, millions of homeowners don’t have any sort of cover at all, even though it could only cost them a few […]

What Affects the Price of Your Comprehensive Car Insurance?

One of the biggest bugbears for many householders is the cost of comprehensive car insurance – even though you may not understand just why the cost of your policy is so high. Here Clover Insurance, personal insurance services experts who operate in and around North London, identify some of the factors insurers use to set […]

Key Reasons to Use a Broker for Your Home Insurance

It has been estimated that around eight out of ten people use price comparison websites when it’s time to review their home insurance cover. Although they are undeniably convenient to use, are they really the best way of getting the kind of cover you require? Here Clover Insurance, who offer individual insurance quotes for homeowners […]

Why It’s Worth Taking Out Tradesman Liability Insurance

Anyone who is a qualified professional in their field, such as an electrician, carpenter or joiner, should consider taking out insurance which is tailored to fit their particular trade. Here Clover Insurance, who offer tradesman liability insurance in North London and the surrounding area, explain why a specialist policy will give you additional peace of […]

Top Tips if You’re Considering Becoming a Buy-to-Let Landlord

The world of buy-to-let insurance can be a complex one to enter, but demand for rented homes shows little sign of abating. As recently as February, reports suggested there had been a 25% increase in the number of would-be tenants looking for somewhere to live. If you buy the right property in the right area, […]

The Commonest Causes of Car Breakdowns

In the 12 months up until April last year, there were almost a quarter of a million breakdowns in England according to an investigation by Auto Express. This figure is the highest for five years and only covers recorded breakdowns on main roads and motorways, so it could be much higher. Here Clover Insurance, who […]

What Affects the Price of Office Insurance?

Choosing insurance policies to cover your company for all of the day-to-day risks you are likely to face can be tricky, as no two businesses are the same. Clover Insurance have been providing high-quality business office insurance to companies in St Albans, Hertfordshire and London for many years. Here we outline some of the key […]

Key Factors Affecting the Price of a Van Insurance Policy

Insuring your van is involves some completely different considerations compared to getting cover for your car. It has been estimated that two out of every three vans on Britain’s roads are used for commercial purposes. Factors such as mileage, who is driving the van and what it contains are reflected in the price of a […]

Six Key Elements of Shop Insurance Cover

When it comes to insurance, your home and shop have very different requirements. While they may share some common elements, such as building and contents insurance, retail premises also need to guard against a number of additional risks. At Clover Insurance, we provide high quality and competitive shop insurance quotes across Hertfordshire and North London. […]

I’m Working from Home – Do I Need Extra Insurance?

Last year the Office of National Statistics revealed that more than 1.5 million of us consider ourselves as ‘home workers’. This increase in working from home has been driven by advances in technology, an increased demand for a more flexible work schedule and the rise of freelance services. But will you be covered by your […]