Can You Afford to do Without Public Liability Insurance?

For some businesses this question may not have any relevance, as there may be a legal requirement to have this sort of cover. This might be the case in situations where your business is supplying goods and services to your customers. If you do no operate in these particular business segments though, you may be […]

Escape of water advice for the winter

The UK weather is very unpredictable and so far it’s been a mild winter, but now the temperature has dropped, it’s important to keep pipes protected from the cold. That’s because burst pipes, caused by water freezing and expanding, account for the majority of escape of water claims we receive every winter. To help your […]

Commercial Property Market Improving

Commercial property market picks up in UK and Europe A series of surveys have suggested a number of commercial property markets in Europe are on the up. Property investors across Britain and Europe will have spent much of the last few years surveying a distinctly gloomy landscape, after the bubble burst in 2007 and the […]

Tenant’s Illegal Activities and Landlord’s Exposure

Illegal activities and organised crime has recently become a contentious topic in the property industry. New challenges are in store for landlords, where they must report any suspected criminal activity within their let properties, as per the Bill passed in the Queen’s Speech, June 2014. The new legislation puts a greater responsibility on landlords as […]

Buy to Let – Has the Bubble Burst?

Buy-to-let was a boom sector in the years before 2007 but suffered when the credit crunch hit and mortgage finance dwindled. Which way is the market going now? Buy-to-let is a sector that has bounced back strongly in recent months, alongside the overall property market. However, just like the wider property sector, questions are now […]

Benefit Changes Impact on Rent Arrears

One of the areas chosen as a test bed for the government’s planned benefits reform package is reporting a sevenfold increase in rent arrears for the period concerned, according to BBC News*. The reforms generating the problems are part of the government’s move towards a universal credit benefits system.  Essentially, this comprises a desire to […]

Web searches outperform TV advertising when buying insurance

A study* by internet marketing specialists Speedie Consultants reveals that 46% of the general public find the insurance they need by using a search engine. “This” says Jason Hulott from the company “highlights that getting search engine rankings has a better return on investment – and is a more cost-effective way of advertising.” In answer […]

The Basic Principles of Public Liability Insurance

This type of cover occasionally causes some confusion in terms of understanding just what circumstances might lead to it being required. In practice, public liability insurance might be something that saves you from financial ruin. To understand more, you might want to read some of the following key points: if someone is injured or has […]

The Background Economy and Landlord Insurance

A BBC News report* has just confirmed that retail sales in the month of January 2013 have soared and are the highest since the same month in 2011. By any standards, this is good news and may be an indication that the economy is starting to perform rather better than some people had predicted. Oddly […]

Christmas – It wasn’t Festive Cheer for Everyone

Official statistics reported by the BBC* indicate that December appears to have been, yet again, a challenge for many tenants and landlords alike. The tendency for people to overspend during the festive season and as a result struggle to meet their bills is hardly revolutionary news. Landlords will be very familiar with the tendency of […]