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Comprehensive car insurance is one of the most commonly purchased forms of insurance, with over 20 million cars on the road in the UK. There are many different factors which affect the final price when an insurance company assesses to potential risk involved. Consequently, no two motor insurance clients are likely to be rated the same way. For example, even two people driving similar vehicles and living in the same road may be asked to pay different premiums simply because they are not the same age.

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  • As car insurance providers have different prices, benefits and cover limits, the amounts of cover available will not be always be the same and to ensure that the policy you select provides the cover you require, you should always make comparisons.
  • As Independent Intermediaries you can rest assured that at Clover Insurance Services we will endeavour to provide the most suitable motor insurance policy for the appropriate risk at a competitive premium. This advice and choice will not be available if you buy directly from a single insurer.

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Comprehensive Car Insurance Harlow

Comprehensive car cover provides that in the event of damage to the vehicle the insurer will have it repaired, no matter whose fault it is. Most comprehensive car insurance policies also include other additional benefits, subject to certain limitations which vary from insurer to insurer. These can include:

  • Personal Accident benefits, payable on death or injury whilst in the vehicle.
  • Windscreen cover, payable on breakage or cracking of glass including resultant scratching, without loss of no claims bonus.
  • Rugs clothing or other personal effects, payable in the event of loss following an accident, theft or attempted theft of the vehicle.
  • Audio equipment cover, payable in the event of loss following an accident, theft or attempted theft of the vehicle.
  • Medical expenses, payable in connection with any injuries sustained whilst in the vehicle.
  • Free Replacement Car, applying after the notification of a claim in which the insured vehicle is not driveable or whilst repairs are being carried out.
  • Free Green card, for vehicles temporarily being driven abroad.
  • New car replacement, for vehicles less than 1 years old severely damaged by an insured peril.

A comprehensive car insurance policy does offer the widest form of cover available but does not cover every conceivable risk. For example, loss due to wear and tear or depreciation are of course excluded.

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