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At Clover Insurance Services we understand that selecting the most suitable van insurance policy is more than just finding you the cheapest premium.

We take into account your individual circumstances before offering a van insurance quote – you’ll appreciate the care we take when selecting your quotes should you ever need to make a claim.

How We Can Help…

Whatever your commercial vehicle insurance requirements, we have access to a wide range of facilities and can choose from over 20 different insurer schemes giving you a better chance to get a really competitively-priced premium.

We deal only with ABI or Lloyd’s companies so you can rest assured that by saving money you are not sacrificing on quality.

Comprehensive Van Insurance Hertfordshire

At Clover Insurance Services we know that every business can have very different insurance requirements. A typical comprehensive van insurance policy we may arrange will cover a commercial vehicle used in conjunction with the policyholder’s business and subject to certain limitations which vary from insurer to insurer can include:.

  • Legal liability to third parties
  • Fire and theft (a minimum excess of £100 usually applies)
  • Accidental loss or damage to your vehicle
  • Windscreen damage
  • Loss or damage to in-vehicle entertainment equipment
  • Replacement vehicle (subject to availability) when you use one of our Approved      Repairers
  • Medical expenses
  • Personal belongings
  • Foreign use
  • No Claims Discount Protection

Third Party Fire and Theft Van Insurance

Not as wide ranging as Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft van insurance provides Third Party cover and for the vehicle following loss or damage caused by a fire, theft or attempted theft is included. If following a fire or theft, the costs of restoring the van to its pre claim condition is greater that the pre claim value, the insurer has the right to declare the vehicle an economic total loss (commonly known as ‘writing off’) and in this event would pay to the owner the market value of the car prior to the loss.

In respect of fire claims it should be noted that insurance policies exclude mechanical or electrical failures and breakages. For example, if the poor condition of the electrical system caused a fire, the insurer would be entitled to exclude from the claim any cost of replacing the electrical system although the other damage caused by the fire would be covered.

Third Party Only Van Insurance

Although less common these days, third party only cover is the minimum level of cover that can normally be purchased for motor insurance in the UK. It provides cover for the driver of an insured vehicle against liability for death or bodily injury to other persons (including passengers), and damage to other peoples’ property. The Road Traffic Act ensures that the policy covers costs incurred in providing emergency treatment to the driver and all passengers if injured in an accident. Costs of legal representation at a coroners court or in a court of Summary Jurisdiction are also provided for should the accident have resulted in a fatality. The cover also extends to acts of negligence by passengers whilst in the vehicle, for example if a door was to be opened into the path of an oncoming vehicle, the damage caused to the other vehicle would be covered.

Uninsured Loss Recovery Insurance is available at an additional cost for all covers.