Carpet Fitters’ Insurance

Like other professional trades, carpet fitters face potential risks when they are out on a job. Failure to buy the right kind of specialist insurance could land you with a bill for thousands of pounds.

Carpet Fitters’ insurance Hertfordshire

For instance, if a member of the public trips over one of your tools then you could be facing a claim relating to their injuries. You could also be held liable if you accidentally damage a skirting board or another part of the room’s fixtures and fittings. So, your carpet fitters’ insurance policy should include public liability cover to ensure you are protected against these sorts of mishaps.

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And, if you employ anyone at all, you should also ensure your policy has an element of employers’ liability insurance. This is a legal requirement if you have any staff and will indemnify you against any claims if your staff or contractors are injured while at work. Carpet fitters can easily suffer an injury if they are using a knee kicker or power stretcher, no matter how experienced they are. You also need to guard against your tools being lost, damaged or stolen.

Clover Insurance offers carpet fitters’ insurance across Hertfordshire and North London and will ensure you are fully protected against the commonest hazards you are likely to face. Our standard policy includes third party public liability cover in case any member of the public makes a claim against you after an accident, either to themselves or the property you are working on.

Our policies can also include:

  • Employer’s liability insurance
  • You or your employees’ tools
  • Plant (including any hired-in equipment)
  • Any contract works
  • A public liability excess layer
  • Any commercial legal expenses arising from a claim.

Using Clover Insurance means you will get a high standard of customer service as well as a quote which will be tailored to the needs of your business. The quote will have the benefit of our detailed knowledge of the market and will not be available on any of the major comparison websites. We can also help if you ever need to make a claim on your policy.

If you are a carpet fitter and would like to receive a free, no-obligation quote, just click here or call us on 020 8805 1121.

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