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Business Interruption Insurance – The Latest News

The Supreme Court has now ruled on a test case brought by the Financial Conduct Authority on whether or not companies who bought business interruption insurance could claim for losses brought about by the coronavirus. Clover Insurance, who supply business insurance for firms in Harlow, Cheshunt and throughout Hertfordshire and North London, look at the […]

The Commonest Business Insurance Claims

The UK’s insurance industry pays out billions of pounds every year – and a large chunk of that relates specifically to the commercial sector. But why is that figure so high? Here Clover Insurance, who are the people to call if you are looking to buy business insurance in Hertfordshire and London, look at the […]

What Affects the Price of Office Insurance?

Choosing insurance policies to cover your company for all of the day-to-day risks you are likely to face can be tricky, as no two businesses are the same. Clover Insurance have been providing high-quality business office insurance to companies in St Albans, Hertfordshire and London for many years. Here we outline some of the key […]

Six Key Elements of Shop Insurance Cover

When it comes to insurance, your home and shop have very different requirements. While they may share some common elements, such as building and contents insurance, retail premises also need to guard against a number of additional risks. At Clover Insurance, we provide high quality and competitive shop insurance quotes across Hertfordshire and North London. […]

I’m Working from Home – Do I Need Extra Insurance?

Last year the Office of National Statistics revealed that more than 1.5 million of us consider ourselves as ‘home workers’. This increase in working from home has been driven by advances in technology, an increased demand for a more flexible work schedule and the rise of freelance services. But will you be covered by your […]

Which Types of Insurance Does My Business Need?

Knowing what insurance to takeout and what to cover can be a difficult task – even with personal insurance. However, for businesses with many more factors and people to consider the task is much more complex. The costs of not taking out insurance or not getting adequate cover could easily soar into the tens to […]