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Top Tips if You’re Considering Becoming a Buy-to-Let Landlord

The world of buy-to-let insurance can be a complex one to enter, but demand for rented homes shows little sign of abating. As recently as February, reports suggested there had been a 25% increase in the number of would-be tenants looking for somewhere to live. If you buy the right property in the right area, […]

5 Reasons to Take Out a Specialist Landlord Insurance Policy

They say “What can go wrong, will go wrong” and as a private landlord you probably know that feeling all too well. Maybe a tenant decided to leave your property just at the time you were most financially dependent on that income. Perhaps you had difficulty evicting a tenant or obtaining the rent. Or possibly […]

The Advantages of Using an Insurance Broker

Insurance comparison websites have grown in popularity along with internet use – after all, they seem to offer quick, convenient ways of sorting out what can be a chore. However, are they really the best option, if you are looking for personal insurance policy or a commercial one, or would it be better to contact […]

Unoccupied Commercial Property Insurance

We are pleased to announce that we now have a brand new scheme for unoccupied commercial property insurance.  This is an ideal product for vacant public houses, shops, restaurants and industrial units. For more information and to get a quote click here >>

Escape of water advice for the winter

The UK weather is very unpredictable and so far it’s been a mild winter, but now the temperature has dropped, it’s important to keep pipes protected from the cold. That’s because burst pipes, caused by water freezing and expanding, account for the majority of escape of water claims we receive every winter. To help your […]

Tenant’s Illegal Activities and Landlord’s Exposure

Illegal activities and organised crime has recently become a contentious topic in the property industry. New challenges are in store for landlords, where they must report any suspected criminal activity within their let properties, as per the Bill passed in the Queen’s Speech, June 2014. The new legislation puts a greater responsibility on landlords as […]