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Why Demand for Landscape Gardeners is Growing

Figures show there are around 157,000 landscape gardeners in the UK, and that demand for their services has been growing in the past few months. Clover Insurance, who offer landscape gardeners’ insurance in St Albans, across Hertfordshire and in and around London, look at the reasons behind this and why trade-specific insurance cover is essential. […]

Why Business is Booming for the UK’s Handymen

One of the sectors which has benefited from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic are those connected to home improvements – and handymen, in particular, have been in real demand. Here Clover Insurance, who offer handyman’s liability insurance in North London and Hertfordshire, examine the reasons behind this upsurge – and what anyone considering learning a trade […]

The Commonest Hazards Faced by Tradespeople

A greater emphasis on health and safety means that working in the trades is a much less risky occupation than it was a few years ago. However, there were still more than 700,000 workplace-related injuries in the UK in the 2019-20 reporting year, according to the Health and Safety Executive – and a large proportion […]

Top Safety Tips for Carpet Fitters – and Why You Still Need Insurance

Carpet fitting might not seem one of the most dangerous of trades, but there are still a number of perils that fitters face either on a daily basis or over a period of time. Clover Insurance offer carpet fitters’ insurance for tradespeople in Hertfordshire and across North London. Here we outline some of the major […]

Why It’s Worth Taking Out Tradesman Liability Insurance

Anyone who is a qualified professional in their field, such as an electrician, carpenter or joiner, should consider taking out insurance which is tailored to fit their particular trade. Here Clover Insurance, who offer tradesman liability insurance in North London and the surrounding area, explain why a specialist policy will give you additional peace of […]

The Advantages of Using an Insurance Broker

Insurance comparison websites have grown in popularity along with internet use – after all, they seem to offer quick, convenient ways of sorting out what can be a chore. However, are they really the best option, if you are looking for personal insurance policy or a commercial one, or would it be better to contact […]

Escape of water advice for the winter

The UK weather is very unpredictable and so far it’s been a mild winter, but now the temperature has dropped, it’s important to keep pipes protected from the cold. That’s because burst pipes, caused by water freezing and expanding, account for the majority of escape of water claims we receive every winter. To help your […]