Key Factors Affecting the Price of a Van Insurance Policy

Insuring your van is involves some completely different considerations compared to getting cover for your car. It has been estimated that two out of every three vans on Britain’s roads are used for commercial purposes. Factors such as mileage, who is driving the van and what it contains are reflected in the price of a policy.

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At Clover Insurance, we offer quality van insurance in Hertfordshire, North London and across the UK. Here we look at some of the key factors which determine how much you will pay for cover – and how we can help with a competitively-priced policy which is tailored to your individual needs.

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Who Owns the Van?

If the van is owned by the business, it may be driven by lots of different people, all of whom may have different driving abilities, levels of experience, and bad habits as well as good ones. This can increase the price of a policy.

However, many vans, while still being used for business purposes, can be owned by private individuals such as the self-employed, who may not drive as far and may take greater care with them.

What’s the Typical Mileage?

Mileage will vary depending on the type of business. More miles generally means more risk as far as insurers are concerned, particularly if the driver is using it on unfamiliar roads. This is another reason to opt for a comprehensive policy, as this will protect you against accidental damage.

What Are the Specifications of the Vehicle?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has around 20 different categories to cover all the different types of vans in use today. Broadly speaking, the bigger the van, and the more powerful the engine, the higher the premium is likely to be.

However, that is not always the case – a bigger van with a top-of-the-range security system may be cheaper to insure than a smaller one with minimal security. Another factor is the price of repairs and spare parts. The rarer the model, the higher the cost of insurance.

Van Insurance in Hertfordshire and North London from Clover Insurance

At Clover Insurance we offer either comprehensive, third party fire and theft, and third party only van insurance to customers in Hertfordshire, North London and elsewhere in the UK. We have access to more than 20 different insurers schemes so you can be sure that any cover we arrange will be competitively priced. We also only deal with ABI or Lloyd’s companies.

However, it is not always true that the cheapest premium will be the best one for your needs – we’ll always help you to select the one that is right for you. For more information about our van insurance cover, click here. We also offer home and let property insurance, shop and office insurance, and unoccupied house insurance to customers in North London and Hertfordshire. If you would like to know more about any of our products, please call us on 020 8805 1121.

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