Key Reasons to Use a Broker for Your Home Insurance

It has been estimated that around eight out of ten people use price comparison websites when it’s time to review their home insurance cover. Although they are undeniably convenient to use, are they really the best way of getting the kind of cover you require?

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Here Clover Insurance, who offer individual insurance quotes for homeowners in Hertfordshire and north London, shine a spotlight on some of the key reasons why experience brokers are often a better alternative.

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The Expertise

Comparison sites are designed for the mass market, so when you come to fill in your details online you could face problems if your home isn’t of ‘standard construction’. In the UK, standard construction typically means house which are brick-built with windows and a tiled roof. Online price comparison sites aren’t designed to offer cover if your home has steel or timber frames, a thatched roof or has been converted from another use, such as a barn conversion. In cases like these, you should use a broker who will be able to find the specialist cover you need.

It’s not just the buildings element of home insurance cover that brokers can help you with. For instance, if you have a young family, they will recommend that your contents insurance includes an element of accidental damage cover to protect your possessions from unexpected breakages. They will be also be able to find specialist policies, such as to provide cover for an unusual hobby or a valuable art collection, neither of which can typically be found on standard comparison sites.

It Doesn’t Cost You Any More

Many people believe that arranging your home insurance via a broker, rather than directly with the insurer, will automatically cost you more because there is a third party involved. In fact, both comparison sites and brokers are paid commission by the insurance company and in both cases the commission is ‘built in’ to the cost of your policy. So, effectively you are getting all the benefit of the broker’s expertise for free.

Many insurers offer better rates when dealing with brokers because they know they are professional, qualified people who will be able to accurately assess the customer’s risks and recommend the right policy and level of cover.

They Save You Time

Using comparison websites puts the onus on you to do all the necessary research before you decide on your policy. You may find that while an initial quote is attractive, there may be a crucial element of the cover missing or a high excess, so you may have to continue looking elsewhere. All of this can take up valuable time – but a broker can do all this leg work for you, searching through all the insurance quotes to find the policy that best suits your needs.

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In the Event of a Claim

Everyone hopes that they don’t need to make a claim on their policy – but that’s just what it’s there for! An insurance broker can guide you through all the paperwork to ensure that your claim has the best possible chance of being successful.

Brokers have extensive experience of dealing with insurance claims departments and loss adjusters, so they will be able to remove a lot of the stress of involved in making a claim. Remember, your broker represents you, and not the insurer, so there’s no conflict of interest – their priority is to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to under the terms of the policy.

Reputable brokers like Clover Insurance are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means they are legally obliged to follow certain standards, such as exercising ‘due diligence’ on behalf of their clients.

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