Why Demand for Landscape Gardeners is Growing

Figures show there are around 157,000 landscape gardeners in the UK, and that demand for their services has been growing in the past few months. Clover Insurance, who offer landscape gardeners’ insurance in St Albans, across Hertfordshire and in and around London, look at the reasons behind this and why trade-specific insurance cover is essential.

Landscape Gardeners’ Insurance Hertfordshire

The Latest Trends

Trade industry magazine Pro Landscaper surveyed a variety of landscape gardeners, designers and suppliers, contrasting February 2020 with the same month this year. They discovered the following:

  • Garden design enquiries increased by an average of 143% year on year
  • There was a 205% rise in the number of projects under way
  • A large number of landscapers (55%) who specialised in domestic projects had taken on extra staff and many more were experiencing recruitment difficulties.

This was put down to the number of lockdowns in place across the UK, and the number of employees on furlough. With so many people either working from home or receiving a furlough-related salary, they were unable to spend their money in a variety of areas. For example, foreign holidays or a simple night out were both ruled out by the restrictions placed on the travel and tourism sector or the hospitality industry.

Instead, people have been looking at ways of improving their own properties, either because they were spending so much time there or because they wanted to increase the value of their home should they ever decide to sell it.

The net result has been a surge in demand for many different types of tradesmen – general handymen have also been in short supply – and gardening was less affected by the pandemic (and any restrictions) because the risks of catching COVID while working were much smaller, given that the work is carried out outdoors.

There Are Still Risks

However, there are still plenty of risks associated with landscape gardening, which is why it is important that anyone employed in the industry should take proper precautions. It’s important not to cut corners when your services are so much in demand.

Landscape gardeners who carry out tree surgery should be particularly careful, because of the added risk of working ‘at height’. And anyone working in gardens (especially public ones, or ones which overlook nearby properties) which attract many visitors should be wary of the risks associated with the higher footfalls. A neighbour or a member of the public could make a claim against you if they are struck by a falling branch or some other work-related debris.

And, working outdoors, the perils of the weather are that much greater – you are far more likely to slip or fall if it’s been raining or even snowing.

Landscape Gardeners’ Insurance from Clover Insurance

At Clover Insurance we offer landscape gardeners’ insurance – in St Albans, Hertfordshire and across London – which will cover you in the event of claims by the members of the public. This is because our standard tradesmen’s policy includes third party liability cover.

We can also add a number of additional clauses, such as employer’s liability insurance, which is a legal requirement if you employ anyone, including sub-contractors, to carry out any work. That way, you will be protected if they suffer any injuries while at work. Tools cover can also be added, which will cover you in the event of any of your valuable gardening equipment being vandalised or stolen.

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