The Commonest Claims on Home Insurance Policies

The UK insurance industry estimates that it pays out more than £7 million every day to homeowners who have made a claim for damages on either their contents or their buildings insurance policies. Despite this, millions of homeowners don’t have any sort of cover at all, even though it could only cost them a few pounds a week.

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Here Clover Insurance, who provide a high-quality personal insurance service for customers in Hertfordshire and across London, look at why you should always cover your home and possessions by identifying the most common reasons for claims on both types of cover.

Water, Water, Everywhere…

A leaking pipe might not seem much of a problem, but if it bursts it certainly will be. Water can ruin ceilings, floorboards, furniture and your possessions, leading to a bill which can easily run into thousands of pounds if you do not have any or enough cover. Recent industry estimates suggest this type of problem for more than a quarter of all the claims made by UK householders who did have home insurance.


It’s not always water inside the house that causes a problem, as rain and wind can be a big issue as well. Storm and flood damage, which can include ruined carpets, lost roof tiles and collapsed chimneys, accounts for almost 20% of claims.

Accidents Will Happen

It’s worth checking if either your buildings or contents insurance policies have a clause covering you for accidental damage, as these account for around a sixth of all UK claims. It’s particularly important if you have young children, as they may inadvertently damage electrical goods and other expensive items.

Adults are more likely to be responsible for claims on buildings insurance, largely due to the number of home DIY projects which end in disaster.


The advent of CCTV cameras and other security systems means that home burglaries are not as common as they used to be. However, a burglary still takes place every 106 seconds somewhere in the UK, according to official figures – which means there are a lot of claims on contents insurance policies (around a seventh of all claims).

The Office for National Statistics says that the average householder loses about £3,000 worth of possessions in every burglary, although the emotional cost of losing your prized possessions can be far higher if you’re not adequately covered.


Fire is still a major cause of claims on home insurance policies. A rise in the number of smoke alarms fitted to properties across the UK means that it is not as common as it used to be, although it is responsible for around one in 10 of all claims. The average insurance payout for fire-damaged homes has been put at about £10,000.

Your claim can be rejected if you didn’t tell your insurer about any smokers in the house, or that you were having some building works carried out, and the cause of the blaze can often be traced to either of these.

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