The Value of Using a Broker

An item on BBC Radio 4’s Money Box programme last Sunday focused on two homeowners who had seen their quoted renewal premiums increase dramatically, in one case by nearly 300%, because the flood risk to their homes had been incorrectly re-assessed by their insurers.  It also highlighted changes to the flood information on the Environment Agency website due to come into effect on 12th December, that will see data on the risk of surface-water flooding added to that concerning the exposure from rivers and the sea, a change that could have a negative effect for many more homeowners.

The right advice

The programme suggested that homeowners should use an insurance broker with the right level of local knowledge to make sure that each risk is properly understood and presented to Insurers.  At Clover Insurance Services we are able to talk to underwriters with the flexibility to provide a quote which is tailored to our client’s needs.  We offer cost-effective solutions for the widest possible range of their specialist home insurance requirements.

So where you may have any non-standard home insurance needs, such as flood, unoccupied properties or any of the range of specialist exposures we can help.

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