Top Safety Tips for Carpet Fitters – and Why You Still Need Insurance

Carpet fitting might not seem one of the most dangerous of trades, but there are still a number of perils that fitters face either on a daily basis or over a period of time.

Carpet Fitter Insurance

Clover Insurance offer carpet fitters’ insurance for tradespeople in Hertfordshire and across North London. Here we outline some of the major risks which they should be insured against – and why we can offer trade-specific cover at a highly competitive price.

Carpet Fitters’ Knee

This is actually a recognised medical condition and can be attributed to the amount of time fitters spend on their knees. Studies have shown that this has resulted in a variety of knee disorders and, specifically, osteoarthritis. The incidence of this among carpet fitters with more than 20 years’ experience is believed to be twice that of the general population.

The risk is heightened by the use of knee kickers and power stretchers (above) that are used to ensure that the carpet is laid flat. Where possible, you should use a hand- or arm-operated stretcher instead.

Wear Safety Equipment

You should always wear gloves – cutting tools, sharp tack strips, sewing materials and staples can cause nasty injuries to unprotected hands. Where possible, you should also wear eye protection. This is partly due to the risks posed by sharp tool edges, and partly because of the chemicals and adhesives used which could irritate the eyes. Make sure the room you are working in is well ventilated as well.

Wearing knee pads will protect your knees from tack strips and flooring irregularities. This will also help alleviate some of the pressure put on your knees from constantly kneeling, and lessen the risk of osteoarthritis in later life.

Mix Your Tasks Up

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is also a common problem for carpet fitters. Don’t spend too long on one particular task, such as shifting furniture or using a knee kicker; rotate your work as much as possible and take regular breaks.

Be particularly careful when it comes to moving furniture. Use proper lifting techniques when moving heavy objects around, including any old carpeting materials which are being replaced.

Public Liability and Employers’ Liability Cover

However many precautions you take, there is always a risk of accidental damage, either to the room you are working in or to a member of the public. For instance, if you damage a piece of furniture while moving it, or another part of the room’s fixtures and fittings (such as a skirting board), then you could be held liable and be facing a claim which runs into thousands of pounds. There is also a risk of someone else (such as the householder) tripping over one of your tools. For these reasons, you should always take out public liability cover.

If anyone works with or for you – even if it’s just a sub-contractor – then, as a legal requirement, you must take out employer’s liability insurance. This will protect you against any claims they make for injuries they sustain whilst at work.

Carpet Fitters’ Insurance in Hertfordshire from Clover Insurance

Clover Insurance offers carpet fitters’ insurance across Hertfordshire and North London. Our standard policy includes third party liability cover in case a member of the public makes a claim against you.

If you choose us for your insurance, you will receive a quote which won’t be available on any of the major comparison websites and one which will be tailored to fit your individual needs. For instance, we can add employer’s liability insurance if anyone works for you, as well as tool cover – we recognise that much of your working equipment is highly specialised and can cost a lot to replace if it is stolen or damaged.

We can also add a clause into your policy relating to any commercial legal expenses you may incur and we will be happy to assist if you ever need to make a claim.

If you would like to receive a free, no-obligation quote, then follow this link or call us on 020 8805 1121. We also offer specialist cover for a variety of other trades, including scaffolding, general builders’ and handyman’s liability insurance, in North London and Hertfordshire.