Web searches outperform TV advertising when buying insurance

A study* by internet marketing specialists Speedie Consultants reveals that 46% of the general public find the insurance they need by using a search engine. “This” says Jason Hulott from the company “highlights that getting search engine rankings has a better return on investment – and is a more cost-effective way of advertising.”

In answer to the question “How did you find the product that you bought?”, the respondents said:

  • Search engine 46%
  • Using a price comparison site 18%
  • Visit a site direct 15%
  • Recommendation 9%
  • TV advertising 8%
  • Via an email 4%
  • Social Media 1%

Mr. Hulott adds: “Despite the hype behind social media, our study shows that it doesn’t translate in to sales as much as is believed. However, as it is a free advertising tool, we still think it is a valuable way of getting out brand awareness and building an affinity between a potential customer and a company”.