Why Business is Booming for the UK’s Handymen

One of the sectors which has benefited from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic are those connected to home improvements – and handymen, in particular, have been in real demand.

Here Clover Insurance, who offer handyman’s liability insurance in North London and Hertfordshire, examine the reasons behind this upsurge – and what anyone considering learning a trade should do.

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The Figures Behind the Upsurge

Research from Powered Now, a mobile-based billing, invoicing and quotation app which specialises in trades, conducted a survey during the pandemic which showed that many Britons were taking the opportunity offered by lockdowns to get their own house in order – literally. Demand for workers who could complete home improvement projects soared and more than one in six handymen found themselves working more than 10 hours a day, according to the research.

The survey also revealed that as many as 38% of Britons were considering becoming a handyman, either to replace income lost because they had been made redundant, been furloughed or looking to supplement their earnings with a new career and be their own boss.

What Should New Handymen Do?

Anyone considering learning this new trade should take a number of steps, including:

  • Making sure you have the relevant licences. As handymen can be required to take on such a wide variety of tasks, including plumbing to electrical work to painting and decorating, you should gain as many qualifications as possible. City & Guilds, BTEC, and NVQ qualifications in related fields are all available. Electrical and plumbing skills will be particularly useful
  • Deciding on the hourly rate you are going to charge for each job
  • Deciding whether you are going to concentrate on commercial or domestic work
  • Buying all the relevant equipment – from paintbrushes, screwdrivers and hammers to more sophisticated power tools. Don’t forget ladders, electrical extension cables and other items which are equally essential
  • Registering yourself – or your company – with HMRC. This means filing all your tax returns by the relevant dates. You’ll need a name for your business too.

…and Don’t Forget Your Insurance

As handymen undertake such a wide variety of jobs, they are exposed to a lot of different hazards on a regular basis. If you carry out any electrical work, you need to guard against any shocks from any live parts or wires. If you are painting or decorating ‘at height’, the perils include any slips or falls. If you are completing a plumbing project, then you could be exposed to gas or hot water.

All of this means you need to take out a handyman’s liability insurance policy, whether you are working in North London, Hertfordshire or across the UK. This will protect you from any potential loss of earnings.

If you employ anyone else, then your policy must also include an employer’s liability clause – in case an employee or contractor is injured at work – and you should also get an element of public liability cover. This will protect you in the event of any damage to a property or another person whilst you are working.

Handyman’s Liability Insurance from Clover Insurance

At Clover Insurance, our standard tradesman’s policy includes third party public liability cover. We can also add clauses for employer’s liability insurance, any of your tools and any commercial legal expenses you incur as a result of any claim. Whatever your needs, we will come up with a competitively-priced policy which will suit you – and it won’t be available on any of the main comparison websites.

If you would like to know more about the policies we can offer – which also include other trade-specific policies such as carpenters, plumbers and general builders insurance in Hertfordshire and North London – then click on this link or call us on 020 8805 1121.