Why It’s Important to be Properly Insured at Christmas

Insurance may not be the first thing on anyone’s mind at Christmas, but it shouldn’t be forgotten amid all the present-buying and other preparations that are going on. Here Clover Insurance, who provide competitive property insurance quotes for clients in Hertfordshire and North London, look at why the festive season is a good time to look at your levels of cover.

The Extra Value

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving – which means you may have some expensive additions to your house which are not covered by your existing policy. If you haven’t done so already, create an inventory of valuables and add your latest gifts to it. Particularly high-value items, such as jewellery and antiques, may require separate cover. You should discuss with your insurer or insurance broker about whether you need to adjust your policy to cover your new possessions.

The importance of Christmas cover by Clover Insurance

Uprating your policy will also give you extra protection against break-ins. More home insurance claims are made during December than in any other month, according to a UK-wide survey – as burglars are only too happy to target homes where Christmas presents have been left in plain view.


The Likelihood of Accidents

Most people have friends or family over Christmas, which unfortunately increases the risk of accidents – particularly if your extra guests include young children who might not be as careful with your precious possessions.

Spillages of food and drink, breakages of valuables and other mishaps are more likely to occur if there are lots of people around. Check your home insurance policy to see if it includes accidental damage cover, and consider adding this extra level of protection if you are not already covered.


Studies suggest that around one in 10 of all domestic fires are caused by Christmas-related items. Hanging stockings in front of open fireplaces, lighting candles on or near Christmas trees and overloading electrical sockets to power indoor festive lights are among the commonest causes. As well as taking sensible safety precautions, you should also check your level of fire insurance cover.

The Weather

Winter usually brings the worst of the British weather, with snow, ice, flooding and high winds all capable of damaging your home. A cold snap is a particular hazard as external pipes could freeze up, leading to water damage. You should check your level of buildings insurance, as well as your contents and accidental damage cover, before the onset of winter.

Landlords need to be particularly alert to the perils of winter-related damage if the property they rent out is likely to be unoccupied for a lengthy period of time – for example, if a tenant has handed in their notice. Clover Insurance offer specialist unoccupied house insurance quotes in Harlow, Cheshunt, St Albans and many other locations in North London and Hertfordshire.

Property Insurance Quotes from Clover Insurance

Clover Insurance are happy to talk you through all your property insurance needs. We provide competitive quotes for customers in Hertfordshire and London for buildings and contents insurance, as well as accidental damage.

Remember, if you are buying a home you don’t have to arrange cover via your mortgage lender – you may be able to make significant savings by coming to us. Follow this link if you want to know more about our property insurance.

Our unoccupied house insurance policies will provide protection which is not always available on the open market. We offer three different levels of cover – Option 1 protects you against fire, lightning, explosions and any damage caused by subsidence or landslips. Option 2 also includes weather-related damage, such as falling trees and telegraph poles and any issues caused by water or oil escaping. Option 3 also protects you against theft, attempted theft and any malicious damage. If you would like to know more about our unoccupied house insurance, click here.